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About Us




Human Metabolomics Institute, Inc. (HMI) is a biomedical enterprise founded by Prof. Wei Jia, a world-leading expert in translational metabolomics research. HMI is dedicated to developing and providing innovative mass spectrometry-based molecular diagnostic solutions for precision medicine and personalized health management. The company, with offices and laboratories located in Shenzhen and Shanghai, has extensive knowledge and expertise in the development of proprietary and integrated technologies of in-vitro diagnostics, targeted metabolic phenotyping, human metabolic database, machine learning and artificial intelligence to advance the early and accurate detection of human disease phenotypes. HMI has a strong executive leadership team specializing in the cutting-edge translational metabolomics research as well as business operation and management. The company is aimed to become the global leader in clinical metabolomics to transform how diseases are predicted, prevented and managed. HMI has subsidiaries including Metabo-Profile Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huiyun Medical Laboratory, and Shenzhen Huiyun Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.


HMI offers a raft of proprietary in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) kits, intelligent auxiliary software, natural products in health promotion and disease prevention, and provides services for metabolomics research and clinical examination. A team of top-level technology and management talents from home and abroad with over 20-year experience in metabolomics and translational medicine research has helped HMI found a metabolomics-based technology platform with a high level of expertise in China, providing one-stop and integrated solutions based on metabolomics to hundreds of top-grade hospitals, scientific research institutes, and companies. 



Precise clinical mass spectrometry

With well-configurated ultra-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, and corollary equipment, alongsidelarge metabolomics database and a laboratory information management system, HMIboasts whole-process automation (from sampling to reporting) for mass spectrographic analysis enabled by its self-developed software options.




Innovative service management


Backed by sophisticated service experience, an innovative service model, powerful data processing capabilities, and a professional service team, HMI provides customers with one-stop, all-round support. Long insisting on the authority, premiumization, and professionalism of testing, the Lab has been committed to clinical application and technological innovation of advanced mass spectrometry. It is endeavoring to offer personalized services under its differential development strategy. The Lab also develops new programs on a regular basis, to constantly probe into new technologies for clinical mass spectrometry.




Comprehensive quality system


With its assiduously pursuit of high quality, HMI  adopts scientific standards on laboratory personnel, instruments and equipment, reagents, methodology, indoor environment, samples, and many other indicators, and strictly controls the timeliness of inspection and accuracy of inspection reports, with constant adherence to the quality principle underlining independence, fairness, sincere service, accurate data, and continuous improvement, in accordance with the ISO13485 standard and the GMP standard.


The Company also uses information technology and fast logistics services to guarantee whole-course fine control and visual management for every sample. Customers can get testing results at the fastest speed in multiple forms, such as online inquiry, remotely-printed report, telephone notification, and other form.




Flagship products and services

Integrated Metabolic Health Assessment

Using the world’s exclusive Q300 metabolite assay kit powered by the metabolomics-on-a-chip technology, the service offers quantitative analysis of hundreds of small-molecule metabolites in a single assessment. It can assess four diseases in one detection, empowered by artificial intelligent diagnostic software, and come up with eight health reports.

Noninvasive Liver Fibrosis and Cirrhosis Risk Assessment

The service includes detection and analysis of serological indicators screened via metabolomics based on data from more than 6,000 clinical samples. First-in-class noninvasive IVD technologies like proprietary kit and AI-enabled diagnostic software tool are used in the assessment for chronic liver diseases such as hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis.

Diabetes Risk Early-screening Kit

The kit ensures high accuracy in prediabetes tests via noninvasive screening using clinical mass spectrometry-based metabolomics detection technology for diabetes, based on early-stage risk indicators. It can help customers define the risk of having diabetes 5-10 years in advance, hence making effective  dynamic monitoring on the disease possible.

Colorectal Cancer Risk Early-screening Kit

With colonoscopy as the golden standard, the kit boasts a high accuracy rate of 95%-98%. Only urine or peripheral blood of proper amount is needed for the kit, providing patients with safe and noninvasive experience. TIME magazine once reported on the product, which has earned itself the Science and Technology Award of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association.


Sound detection processes


Shenzhen Huiyun Medical Laboratory guarantees the security, effectiveness, repeatability and traceability of samples in all aspects.


Sample collection


Metabolite extraction


 Instrument detection


Standard curve  quantification


Automatic data processing and analysis

  • Ensuring acceptance quality of samples with complete rules and regulations on logistics distribution, and a rule book on standard operation.
  • Guaranteeing temperature control during transportation by using professional containers to receive samples.
  • Reducing error rate and speeding up delivery of information flows of samples through modernized information data transmission.


HMI’s laboratory business covers a range of sectors, including clinical trials, drugs, animal and microorganism, cell, food and environment, etc. It has empowered hundreds of top-grade hospitals, scientific research institutes, and companies with unified and precise detection services. We pursue refinement and specialization, rather than scale and comprehensive development. Looking ahead, Huiyun Lab will be committed to becoming a frontrunner in the clinical mass spectrometry sector, so as to empower precision medicine, care society with high sense of responsibility, and strive for a better future with innovation.



Abundant proprietary achievements


HMI is powered by numerous globally exclusive patented technologies, involving early diagnosis and screening for metabolic diseases, liver diseases, congenital biliary atresia, and tumor.


The Company has 51 Class I medical devices and 8 Class II medical device approved by China’s National Medical Products Administration with nearly 10 products awaiting approval. Its products for detecting liver diseases have been granted with patents in China and Japan. LiveBoost, an intelligent AI-enabled software tool for assessing the risk of liver diseases, has been approved as a Class II medical device. And its test kit in this respect will be approved for registration soon. HMI’s world-first diagnostic kit for congenital biliary atresia is also expecting an approval.


The Company’s diabetes risk screening kit has already earned itself a patent in the US and Japan. Its world’s first-in-class quantitative metabolomics-on-a-chip technology has been rated as a national invention patent in China, which was already launched for marketing. An integrated metabolic health assessment service based on the Q300 kit was approved by the Guangdong Medical Products Administration as a medical device.


HMI also possesses copyrights of some innovative scientific research software, such as LiveForest and LiveBoost, (chronic liver diseases risk calculation software), IP4M (an integration platform for metabolomics data analysis), TMBQ (Targeted Metabolome Batch Quantification), etc., and the App of Huiyun Health Service Platform for patients.